Home Remedies to Stop Bad Breath Permanently

What can be more humiliating, socially, than the remains of your last meal stuck in your teeth? Bad breath, hands down! Bad breath also known as halitosis basically refers to the foul odour emanating from mouth. Though a common problem among people, halitosis is a reason considered valid enough for people to shun or ostracize those suffering from this problem from social gatherings. So, if you are one of those suffering from bad breath and despite trying hard enough have not been able to get rid of the problem, read further to know the ways in which you can combat the problem of bad breath in real time. These time-tested home remedies for bad breath will not only help put an end to the problem permanently but also leave you with a set of teeth as white, bright and shiny as a pearl. So get going.


Bad breath is among the most common reasons for people seeking dental care. Among the biggest reasons for bad breath is poor oral hygiene. Hundreds of bacteria live inside our mouth and if food particles are left behind in the mouth their breakdown by bacteria causes sulfurous smells thus causing bad breath to emanate from the mouth. The reasons behind halitosis or bad breath can be as varied as:
– Poor oral hygiene
– Dental cavities
– Gum diseases
– Dry mouth
– Coated tongue
– Malnutrition
– Uncontrolled diabetes
– Smoking
– Inflammation in mouth, nose & throat
– Consumption of odour causing foods like garlic & onion
– Intestinal disorders like ulcers & heartburns etc.

With regular brushing, cleaning and flossing you can easily get rid of the problem of bad breath but if the problem still persists, see a dental care expert.

Whatever be the cause, correcting the underlying issue with these easy and effective home remedies for bad breath will help you tame the problem of bad breath forever.


Dry mouth is a hub for bad breath causing bacteria. To combat the problem of bad breath keep your mouth hydrated at all times by sipping water or by simply swishing your mouth with water after every few hours. The water in the mouth will dislodge the bad odour causing bacteria and freshen-up the mouth in an instant thus reducing the chances of it smelling bad. This is among the easiest bad breath home remedies and would cost you nothing.


Chewing on a sugar free gum is the quickest bad breath remedy available but trying out natural solutions is another alternative that you can try for long-term relief. The antiseptic qualities of herbs and spices like cloves, cardamom, fennel seeds or aniseeds help fight halitosis causing bacteria. Apart from this you can also munch on a sprig of parsley, basil, mint or cilantro as a natural mouth freshener if you want to save yourself from the embarrassment of bad breath. Another effective thing to do as bad breath home remedies is to chew a piece of lemon or an orange rind to freshen up your mouth. The citric acid stimulates the salivary gland thus helping it to fight bad breath robustly and permanently.


Rinsing your mouth with mouth wash helps dislodge the halitosis bacteria thus ridding you of bad breath. But don’t just rush to buy a mouth wash when you can make your own alcohol-free mouth wash that too from the comfort of your home. Simply mix a cup of water with a teaspoon of baking soda and add few drops of peppermint essential oil to the mix. Use it for cleaning your mouth, preferably after every meal but at least twice a day. Baking soda aids in changing the pH levels in the mouth thus proving to be among the most effective home remedies for bad breath.


A special diet for mouth! Crunchy foods help fight the problem of bad breath. Fruits, vegetables and herbs like apples, cranberries, carrots, celery, cinnamon and walnuts etc., are antimicrobial in nature and are rich in pectin that help control food odour and promote saliva production. Just chop everything in a bowl, add a good helping of yogurt and sprinkle a pinch of cinnamon on top. Consume this treat of a meal everyday if you wish to bid bad breath adieu forever.


Among effective bad breath home remedies, drinking up on apple cider vinegar on a daily basis will help control the problem of bad breath. Due to its pH level balancing effects, apple cider works as a wonderful remedy for halitosis and at the same time improves digestion. Stir 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink before every meal. You can also use the mix to gargle post every meal to treat bad breath. 6) Maintain a regular brushing & cleaning regime: While you have been teaching your kids the importance of cleaning the mouth and brushing properly after every meal, how much of this routine do you follow yourself? Poor oral hygiene is among the most common reasons for bad breath among adults. The bacteria that build up on the tongue and the back of your mouth are the main reasons behind your mouth emanating a foul odour. A regular habit of brushing, flossing and tongue scarping will help keep your mouth clean and feeling fresh.

Using herbal toothpaste like Dabur Meswak, which is formulated using pure extracts of the Miswak plant, works best in combating the problem of halitosis. Brushing your teeth regularly with it help in fighting germs & bacteria, prevent problems of tartar &plaque and tooth decay and give healthy gums and teeth. All this while giving you an awesome mouth feel! If bad breath persists despite trying these bad breath home remedies, do consult with a dental care expert to know the underlying issue.

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