Baby Tooth Decay: Causes and treatment

The transition from infancy to childhood is a wonderful feeling that every parent enjoys. But at the same time it also requires them to be extra cautious and take very good care of their child as it is also the time when the child starts doing things on his own. From eating meals on his own to brushing his own teeth; everything will be done by the child on his own. As a parent this is the most crucial stage as you would be required to monitor each and every step of your child lest he might falter at any point and fall prey to problems and diseases. Teaching your child the importance of quality oral hygiene becomes really important at this stage. He might often want to indulge in his sweet fancy but teaching him when to stop and how not to miss out on his daily brushing routine is equally important. Children usually miss out on their oral care routine and as a result fall prey to many teeth and gum related problems. Baby tooth decay is a very common problem and with few precautions and a proper oral care regime in place, it is totally preventable.


Baby tooth decay is a result of bacteria that feasts upon the sugar in the mouth. It happens when liquid containing sugar including milk, powder milk, juices etc sticks to the baby’s teeth for long. It gives the suitable environment for bacteria to cause cavities in baby teeth, which in the long run is not good for your baby’s oral health.


Following a proper dental care routine can help combat tooth decay among kids. Keep the following factors in mind as they are responsible for baby tooth decay.
a) Improper oral care
b) Baby bottle
c) Dry mouth
d) Dehydration
e) Too much of sugar
f) Irregular check-ups
g) Improper eating habits
h) In between meals snacking


Baby bottle tooth decay is one of the most prominent baby tooth decay causes. It most often occurs in the upper front teeth but other teeth may also get affected by it. Baby bottle tooth decay not only causes tooth ache but can also lead to feeding and nutritional problems in future in the baby if not treated well-in time. There are many factors that contribute to the problem of baby bottle tooth decay among them the most common ones include prolonged exposure to drinks that contain high sugar level in them. It occurs when the baby is put to bed with a bottle in his mouth. It is a disease which begins with the accumulation of cavity causing bacteria in the mouth and if not treated in time, it may increase the risk of tooth decay in your baby. If your baby shows the symptoms of baby tooth decay, your dentist can help to treat it.


Appearance of white spots on the surface of your baby’s teeth is the sign your baby might be susceptible to baby tooth decay. But do not fret! Baby bottle tooth decay is completely preventable and curable. To subside the problem of baby tooth decay at an early stage, following are the measures that you can take:


Baby tooth decay is a disease that is caused due to cavity causing bacteria passed from the mother to the child. You might not be doing it knowingly but sharing of feeding spoons might leave behind traces of your saliva on it that may cause the problem of baby tooth decay. Keep your love intact for your baby but avoid passing on the germs to him.


You might have taught your child the steps of brushing but that does not mean you should leave it all to him. Supervising his brushing and oral care routine is a must on your part if you wish to keep your child tooth decay free. See to it that he brushes at least twice a day and cleans his mouth properly with water followed by an alcohol free mouthwash.


The gums and teeth of babies and small children are really sensitive. Be extra cautious of choosing the right toothbrush and toothpaste else they might harm your baby’s mouth. Opt for a soft bristled child-sized/small head toothbrush. For kids aged between 3-6 always choose a pea-sized brush as it provides a perfect fit for the baby’s small mouth.

Dabur Meswak: Ayurvedic Toothpaste

Apart from opting for a quality brush, you should also choose a good quality tooth paste that would aid in cleaning the tooth and gums properly and provide protection against a host of tooth diseases. A tooth paste like Dabur Meswak is natural and herbal based toothpaste that is packed with pure extracts of Miswak plant which helps reduce tooth decay, fight plaque and prevent gum diseases thus keeping the gums and teeth healthy and strong.


Too much of sugar is not good for your baby’s teeth. Many times, parents in order to pacify their fussy baby administer a bottle of juice or any sugary drink at naptime. It might provide short-term relief to both the parent and the baby, but in the long run it ends up harming the teeth of the baby. Assimilation of sugar around the teeth and gums for a long period of time leads to formation of cavities. To save your child from the problem to tooth decay, avoid putting him to bed with any amount of sugar in his mouth. In case you want to pacify him with something then either replace the drink with water or try giving him a teddy bear or any toy that will distract him.


Because baby have sensitive tooth and gums, as a parent the onus lies on you to oversee the diet that they follow and the things that they put in their mouth through the day. Instead of letting them feed on anything, include essential nutrients in their diet like milk, eggs, fruits and vegetables that will provide them with all the calcium, minerals and proteins required to keep their tooth and gums strong from the root. Your baby is precious to you and so is his smile. Good habits established today will go a long way in creating a strong foundation for the future. So teach your children the benefits of good oral care and hygiene and alongside make sure that they follow the routine of brushing and cleaning on a daily basis. Need more tips on prevention of baby tooth decay? Keep following our dental blog.

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