5 Cough & Cold Remedies from Around the Globe

Ever wondered what people from other countries do when a seasonal sniffle comes pay them a visit? Well, home remedies to fight cough and cold are as universal in nature as its symptoms. The ingredients used in these remedies might differ slightly from country to country and from continent to continent but the benefits attained are aimed at treating the cause from the root and provide you quick and long-term relief. Read on to take a cue from universal recipes for combating cough & cold that you can try next time you fall sick.


People from this part of the world swear by the potent and antibiotic properties of herbs and spices like clove, turmeric and garlic. To treat the problems of congestion and upper respiratory illness they often grind fresh garlic over soups or create cold tonics with it. Other tricks include inhaling a mix of turmeric powder and warm water to clear up nasal congestion and taking cough syrups made of half black pepper powder and half honey on regular intervals. Some potent cure this is!


Scottish people love their spirits & wines, no wonder their treatment for treating cold include drinking hot rum with peppermint. Considered a seaman’s cure, the Scots swear by this traditional and age-old recipe of theirs. Drinking hot nettle tea is highly recommended by the teetotalers for the teetotalers. Another trick that they often restore to every time they come down with the illness is taking walk by their beautiful and breathtaking coastline. Inhaling the salty air by the beach does it for the Scots as they claim it opens the congestion and unblocks the nose in absolutely no time. So next time the clod strikes either fly down to Scotland or go looking for a beach in your area.


Serbs really know how to treat cough and cold with sweetness. And if their caramel drink cure is anything to go by, who wouldn’t want to get infected with the illness causing virus every now and then. Slowly melt 3 tbsp of sugar on low flame. Once the sugar has melted and acquired the colour of caramel add a cup of milk. Keep on low heat and stir continuously until it becomes a smooth drink. Drink it as hot as you can handle. This drink helps relieve cold and bronchitis. Another popular recipe in the country for treatment of common cold and chills include their special brand of Serbian tea. It is made slowly melting three teaspoons of sugar with few drops of water and a cup of plum brandy. Once melted serve and drink it hot. Some hot stuff it be.


Chinese people have their own peculiar way of treating cough and cold. The followers of Traditional Chinese Medicines believe in the power of herbs like astragalus to reduce the symptoms of cold and boost immunity. It can be taken in a form of a pill or an injection. But common Chinese household rely on their own wisdom as acquired from the generations preceding them. Pak Fah Yeow, which translates as ‘white flower oil’ is an alternate remedy which they make use of whenever sick. It can easily be prepared at home mixing together wintergreen, camphor, menthol, eucalyptus, lavender and peppermint oils. When rubbed on back and chest it gives instant relief from chest & nasal congestion and the problem of stuffiness of the nose.


Seems like Russians believe in the policy of ‘keep it clean to keep yourself germ-free.’ No wonder, one of their most popular home remedy for treating the symptoms of cough and cold include soaking feet in hot water mixed with dry mustard powder and then covering the feet with a pair of warm socks under a heavy blanket. How cozy!


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