Key Deliverables:


  1. Brand Launch
  2. Brand Foundation Material (Including but not limited to):
    • Logo
    • Tagline and Logo Lockup
    • Brand communication strategy
  3. Complete Website development
  4. Social media account handling including Creative strategy and Subsequent media spend Strategy.
  5. Increased Brand awareness and Brand Reach.
  6. Brand Visual Identity (Including but not limited to):
    • Research and Planning
    • Design:
      • Logo
      • Typography
      • Color System
      • Grid Systems
      • Images
    • Creation and Execution
    • Support and Monitoring



Proost69 is a relatively new brand in a very aggressive sector with very strong competitors like Bira and Kingfisher. They wanted to establish a strong brand identity and refused to adopt the traditional surrogate marketing techniques generally employed by alcoholic beverage brands.



  1. Capturing and presenting Brand Stakeholder’s vision to the target audience in from of Marketing communications.
  2. Unique tonality
  3. Competing with Brands with huge marketing budget.
  4. Devising a social media strategy for consistent engagements, and presenting communication as ‘Signal among noise’.



  1. Madmen successfully launched the Brand in Delhi and started Brand promotions on social media outlets.
  2. Consistently rising Market share and sales points across the city.
  3. Consistently rising engagement and reach on social media.
Client Proost
year 2018
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