Key Deliverables:


  1. Social Media strategy
  2. Foundation Content
  3. Digital forward creatives
  4. Influencer Engagement
  5. Media Amplification



one8Select was launched amalgamating Virat Kohli’s vision of striking a chord with Indian as well as International Audiences through formal footwear and accessories with AEON sports India Pvt Ltd.



  1. Utilising Virat Kohli’s massive fan base engagement with content curation keeping in mind and in unison with the way he wishes to communicate
  2. Throw light and accentuate the one8 Select brand keeping in mind the pre-existing collaborations with the same brand
  3. Engage audiences with special content from Virat himself and create buzz
  4. Create seamless strategy to showcase and let the product be visible across platforms
  5. Engage audiences with influencers and contests to keep one8 Select the flavor of the month



  1. Creating minimalist-centric creatives that let’s the product and the quality revel
  2. Pre and Post launch campaigns to ensure maximum traction among target audience
  3. In house Competition analysis team to ensure we are keeping up with the latest trends in the Market.
  4. Involve the man himself (Virat Kohli) to spearhead an influencer activity



A successful Pre launch campaign resulted in organic followership of more than 20500 likes on Instagram and Facebook in a short span of three days. A strong brand identity established in less than thirty days of launch.

Client one8Select
year 2018
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