Key Deliverables:

Designing a website template for Oxylife Men Crème Bleach


  1. Developing the website
  2. Engaging content
  3. Creating a CMS
  4. Building a chat forum



Oxylife Men is a range from Parent company Dabur which specializes in giving a safe and enhanced bleaching experience for men. Men usually slack on their skin care routine, thus the need for creating Oxylife men as a website which reaches out to them in an engaging manner had to be created.




  1. The technology had to created in limited amount of time
  2. Expert speak feature to be integrated
  3. Hard coded, .net website
  4. Different product positioning was required for men.



The website was built in a very short amount of time. Various elements like expert speak & chat forums were also developed and integrated. Other features like exclusive club memberships, contests & make over tips were also shared in order to increase awareness among the target audience i.e. men


We got a great response from users & product awareness increased. Oxylife Men took up a unique position in its category as “cool” and not “feminine”.

Client Oxymen
year 2016
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