Key Deliverables:


  1. Logo
  2. Foundation Campaign
  3. Brand film
  4. Tonality and Charecterisation
  5. Product Segregation
  6. Creative Strategy
  7. Brand messaging
  8. Packaging Design
  9. Planning and Execution of the Brand Launch
  10. Panning out a comprehensive Branding business Strategy for B2C vertical
    • Brand Positioning
    • Target Audience
    • Brand Value Proposition
  11. E-commerce and Digital Strategy (Including but not limited to ) :
    • Maintaining in direct sales channels through E-commerce giant Amazon
    • Website layout and development.
    • Complete SEO and SEM profiling
    • Publishing of Advertisements on GDN and Other Online Advertising Networks



one8Select was launched amalgamating Virat Kohli’s vision of striking a chord with Indian as well as International Audiences through formal footwear and accessories with AEON sports India Pvt Ltd.



  1. Establishing Brand identity in an aggressively paced market like India and Positioning the same against long standing Brands in the same class.
  2. Consistently enhancing Brand Perception.
  3. Increase digital awareness among Target Audience.
  4. Maintaining Smoot flow of Sales channels.
  5. Strategic Categorisations keeping affordability and ease of purchase for our target audience
  6. Incorporating latest trends in Brand Communication trough Competition analysis and In-Depth research



  1. Robust Brand Launch and Positioning strategy with a tonality that is easily differentiable among same class competitors.
  2. Pre and Post launch campaigns to ensure maximum traction among target audience
  3. In house Competition analysis team to ensure we are keeping up with the latest trends in the Market.
  4. In house E commerce specialist team to ensure a smooth flow of Live SKU’s and Product Categories.



A successful Pre launch campaign resulted in organic followership of more than 20500 likes on Instagram and Facebook in a short span of three days. A strong brand identity established in less than thirty days of launch.


Rapidly increasing market share.


Multiple Partnerships including with Amazon for e commerce portals to ensure consistent sales target achievements.

Client one8Select
year 2018
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