Key Deliverables:


  1. Social media content creation and strategy implementation
  2. Blogs and articles
  3. Newsletters
  4. SEO
  5. Development of M-store website
  6. Influencer backed campaigns



Market99 is based on a concept which has been awaited, desired and anticipated in the Indian market for the longest time. Market99 brings to people what is light to the pocket, it’s a one stop shop, servicing products that are at-least 20-40% cheaper than other retailers. Consequently, serving high customer demands with more than 5000 products ranging from Rs. 29, 49, 79, 99.



  1. Visual thinking, revamping visual identity
  2. Coming up with creative ideas and creating a brand bible for the brand simultaneously




Mad Men team took brief from the representatives of Market99 to understand the essence of the brand, the history behind it and the vision, and redesigned it according to the interest and requirements of the client.




The brand is widely accepted by the people and the footfall in the stores has increased considerably. More people are aware and active to the presence of Market99 and our target audience has been influenced to attract people in their circles about our presence, an organic reach dream come true.

Client Market99
year 2018
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