Dabur Honitus

Key Deliverables:


  1. Informative & content led
  2. Responsive
  3. Seamless incorporation of the products
  4. Responsive & Dynamic
  5. User friendly



Dabur Honitus as a brand is into formulation of Ayurveda based cough & cold remedies. The range of products includes Madhuvani, Cough syrup, Hot sip & Cough drops.

Because they are herbal & codeine free, they are safe for consumption of people from any & every age group. What makes Dabur Honitus different from a lot of other cough syrups is that it is non-alcoholic & codeine free. After recent developments banning the use of alcohol & codeine based cough syrups, the client wanted to build an exclusive website which not only promoted Dabur Honitus products, but also be a content led website which informed users of the harmful effects of alcohol & codeine based cough syrups.



  1. To highlight the benefits of each & every product
  2. To keep the reader engaged with information
  3. Visually appealing




  1. Education and awareness on codeine & alcoholic based cough syrup
  2. An extensive knowledge based website was created to keep the engagement levels high. Considering the selling point of the product was its codeine free & herbal formulation, we used it to the best of our advantage & created interactive banners, infographics, visuals, illustrations etc. to bring out the same.
  3. A blog section which talks about various natural, homemade remedies that people can restore to in time of illness


Client Dabur
year 2017
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