Aston Martin

Key Deliverables:

  • Generate awareness
  • Promote the brand Aston Martin in India through informative posts on social media via Facebook, Instagram,


Aston Martin, a British luxury car manufacturer needs little introduction. With over 2 centuries of heritage, the brand is the image of success & stardom in the elite circles throughout the world.


  • Spreading general awareness about the brand
  • Informative yet engaging content


Currating creative & innovative content for the posts, as well as posting engaging videos to build up an interest about Aston models. Creating Informative led posts which bring out the beauty the brand. Generating awareness about specific features and models as well as including past heritage to build a foundation for the audience to understand the brand’s story to its present glory. An extensive use of Hashtags among all the social channels, helped in creating massive engagement.


The election campaign was considered a major success for the party. It also built their presence in the State of Punjab through social media engagement with the public.

Client name: Aston Martin
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