Ab Daudega Hindustan

Key deliverables:

  • Posters for ADH
  • Standees
  • T-shirts


Dabur Glucose D is a house hold name in energy drink brands. They came up with the idea of national level talent hunt for aspiring athletes. The contest was named Ab Daudega Hindustan, as it aspired to inspire children between the age groups of 11-16, to come forward & showcase their talent in track and field.

ADH was the first CSR led initiative launched by Dabur Glucose-D to provide aspiring athletes across India with a training platform that would not only help them showcase their abilities but also hone their skills and make them ready to compete with athletes at international championships & tournaments.

The inspiration for the Ab Daudega Hindustan came from a 14 old, Mumbai based, cobbler’s daughter named Sayali Mhaishunde who participated at a racing event and came first despite running barefoot. Her story was picked up by Dabur Glucose as they felt there were many more Sayali’s across the length & breathe of the country, who for the lack of resources & right training give up on their dreams & aspirations to become an athlete.


After running through a host of different creatives, a final design was made which out the message of the campaign and embodied the whole campaign with a sense of responsibility.

Client name: Dabur Ab Daudega Hindustan
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