Aakash Institute

Key Deliverables:


  1. A full feature led website for Aakash Institute, one of the pioneers in technical education & coaching.
  2. Create a better user experience/journey
  3. All stake holders get their needs fulfilled
  4. Follow the Aakash design aesthetics & theme



Aakash institute provides the benchmark for coaching & guidance in various fields such as Medical & Engineering All India competitive exams. It has got 163 centres across the country giving quality training to over 125000 students annually. Previous website too content heavy & cluttered



  1. Dynamic & responsive website
  2. Make a better user journey for all the stakeholders.
  3. Full of information but not content heavy.



An engaging website which simplified the user journey was created. Every page had a concept & reasoning behind it. Various student based competitions such as ANTHE, ANYTSE & GOSF were integrated in the website, which offered multiple scholarships.

Client Aakash Institute
year 2017
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